You may not know it, but almost every time you communicate with people, you are “marketing” yourself or your business to them. The words you use and how you convey them influences how they respond to you. These may be your clients, customers, media, investors, vendors, teachers, bosses, colleagues; even friends and family.
We help executives, entrepreneurs and organizations grow by improving the way they communicate with their audience. Explore our services below or contact us to know to transform the way you get the attention and interest of those who matter the most to you or your business.



For small to midsize companies who want to know how to position themselves and build a powerful marketing communication system to attract more customers. Typically, these companies suffer from Randomertizing and Peersurizing.



Media Training for companies who want to have a star team of spokespersons on board to speak to the media. Appearances in the news media is one of the most powerful ways to build and protect your company’s reputation.


For individuals and organizations who want to know how to communicate clearly and confidently. Good communicators always stand out and have the most influence over people. Become a great communicator and enjoy its benefits for life.

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Sudhir Dhar
CHRO, Motilal Oswal Financial Limited.

“When you are thoroughly prepared with what you want to convey, it is easier to hold people’s attention and call them to action. Kais Rahimtulla showed me a practical, logical road map to quickly develop engaging content you can use to give a speech or write an article for any occasion.”

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Renu Agarwal
CEO, EduOptions Germany.

“Market Mastership helped us improve the manner in which we reach out to students seeking to get a world class, affordable education abroad. In the first month of implementing their recommended communication strategy, we received double the queries we received in the same period last year.”

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Barry Kamrad
Founder & President, Support Functions Group, USA.

We provide B2B services that help businesses maximize their productivity. Previously it would take us a good deal of time to explain our value proposition. Market Mastership did a masterful job of developing an effective message that helped our prospects quickly understand what we do and how we can benefit their organizations. Above all, Kais has become a trusted communications advisor who continually has very useful and practical advice that helps us be more effective.

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Dr. Keyvan Shahverdi
D.C., L.Ac., Maple CAC, USA.

“I really appreciate the time they took to understand my needs. Their advice on repositioning my practice as a distinct chiropractic services provider has worked very well. I now have a better way to keep in touch with patients and build a loyal relationship with them.”




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