Nice job and prestigious company to work for. So why leave all that to start out on our own with all the risk and challenges of staring a new business?

Yes, the freedom and thrill of the unknown was inviting. But it was much more than that. It was about wanting to do something for others we knew we could do well.

Some of the colleagues and clients we loved working with and admired for their knowledge didn’t make it to the leadership positions we thought they deserved.

Why? Because they were never able to make themselves stand out and get noticed. They never expressed their ideas powerfully. Never spoke to people with confidence and command. Missed fantastic opportunities to give successful media interviews that would build their reputation in the market. Essentially, weak communication affected their growth and market dominance.

That’s what we decided to commit ourselves to – help executives and companies market themselves better with powerful communication. We have over thirty years of advertising, marketing and public relations experience to do this. Worked in some of the best companies building the best brands. And so many friends we are grateful to for everything we learned from them.

Welcome to Market Mastership. We help executives, entrepreneurs and organizations grow by improving the way they communicate with their audience. We would love to work with you to transform the way you get the attention of those who matter the most to you or your business.

Our Services

Grow Your Business: For small to midsize companies who want to know how to position themselves and build a powerful marketing communication system to attract more customers.

Talk To The Media: Media Training for companies who want to have a star team of spokespersons on board to speak to the media.

Win Over People: For individuals and organizations who want to know how to communicate clearly, confidently and have a better influence over people.

Thank you for reading about us and we look forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Kais Rahimtulla
Co-Founder & CEO.

Rapunzel D’Mello
Co-Founder & President.