In 2012 it became clear that we needed to move on from the security of the employed world to become entrepreneurs. The lure of taking on a new business risk to help businesses market themselves better became irresistible.

With over thirty years in the advertising, marketing and public relations industry, most of what we have learned has come from practical, on-ground partnership with clients.

Consistently, we noticed that those organizations who were not able to get the results they desired from their marketing, had at least one of these three problems:

1- They had no clearly defined strategy for growth, and therefore, no constructive, measurable plan of action to achieve their marketing objectives.
2- They didn’t build a marketing system to communicate with customers consistently to gain their trust and lead them to buy.
3- Their marketing people – the bridge between production and customer – were not strong communicators. They either spoke poorly or used weak content for their marketing communication.

Market Mastership helps entrepreneurs, small and mid-size companies grow their business by building marketing strategies, plans and systems that are ideal for the needs of their business.

Marketing Consulting Projects to help you attract more customers and improve your profitability.

Communication Training Programs to make you stand out in front of peers and competition.

Have more customers find you, like you and by from you.

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Thank you for reading about us and we look forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Kais Rahimtulla
Co-Founder & CEO.

Rapunzel D’Mello
Co-Founder & President.