End your struggle with trying to get people’s attention.

Know how to captivate your audience
with a great presentation – and lead
them to ACTION!

Do you often wish you could confidently present your ideas to people in a manner that gets their attention and inspires them to take action?

Is this where you are stuck?

– You know what you want to say but you don’t know how to put it into words and make it sound interesting for your audience.

–  You lose track of your thoughts, forget your messages, and then the talk slips out of your control. This makes your talk appear lifeless and you can’t seem to revive it from there.

– You get overwhelmed by fear or nervousness of talking in front of people. (This is actually not the real problem because there are times when you speak very confidently. You only feel fear or nervousness when you are not fully prepared with “what to say and how to say it.”)

Get everyone’s attention from the moment you face them.

Welcome to Presentation Mastery.

In a few hours I can teach you how to appear as a leader and present your great ideas to any audience with confidence, clarity and command.

This is a live workshop training where you will be required to frequently make presentations to an imaginary audience while being recorded on camera. This will remove any fear or nervousness you may feel so you are mentally free to focus on what you have to say. A review of each recording will tell us exactly what we need to improve on next.

At the end of the training you will have your personal road map using the MAD elements of a great presentation – Message-Attitude-Delivery.

Kais Rahimtulla
CEO and Program Architect,
Market Mastership.

The three MAD elements of a great presentation.

Message               Attitude                Delivery

Message: This is the heart of your presentation and what many people often pay the least attention to. Your audience can only respond to what you tell them. Therefore, if your messages are not relevant and compelling, it will not interest your audience to take the action you want them to take.

You will learn how to:
✔ Develop interesting and compelling content.
✔ Create a flow that leads your audience to action.
✔ Remember your messages for smooth delivery.

Attitude: The success of your talk depends on how strong you feel about it. People are drawn to those who are confident, so how you “appear” to them is an important aspect of your presentation. You must appear the leader you are and let everyone see how much you are in control of your talk.

You will learn how to:
✔ Eliminate fear and nervousness.
✔ Appear comfortable, confident and in control.
✔ Deal with tricky questions and convey what you want.

Delivery: Didn’t realize that your presentation must be a powerful drama to win over your audience? Everyone can be act when they need to. You will learn how to be dramatic, adapting your voice and body language to convey emotion, passion, enthusiasm and daring.

You will learn how to:
✔ Use props to aid your presentation.
✔ Walk the room or stage for engagement.
✔ Sync your message with your voice and body.

Class Details

Individuals – Six hours.
Groups of up to five participants – Eight hours.

All participants also get a free one-hour online consultation session to help them remember and improve upon the techniques they learned in the program.

Mumbai – Our media training studio at Nariman Point
or at a suitable venue arranged by you.

Outside Mumbai – At a suitable venue arranged by you.
Travel and stay costs apply.