Have you often wished you could quickly write up a page of something you need without worrying about how you should go about it or if it will turn out fine? If you are like most people, you already know what you want to say but you are just not able to confidently express it in writing.


Attention start-ups, owners, and heads of new and growing businesses.
Is your organization a victim of Randomertizing and Peersurizing,
the great marketing trap that could be affecting your growth and profitability?


Avoid the mistake of rushing your sales people into managing your marketing overnight.
Business owners and CEOs of new and growing companies sometimes get stuck trying to get better results from their marketing. Their team’s efforts are just not able to reach out and attract the right customers to grow their business.


Three areas you should prepare for to help you become a great marketer.
In our earlier blog titled ‘How are Sales and Marketing functions different?’ we talked about the error of placing people who are good at sales in charge of marketing. In a rush to scale up their marketing, growing companies sometimes switch their own sales people to handle marketing because they are familiar with the company’s business.