Message Masterclass

The simple method to develop clear, compelling content
to promote yourself or your business.

In over thirty years of helping companies promote their businesses, I have seen that one of the biggest challenges owners and executives face is that they are not able to quickly and easily prepare content for briefings, presentations, speeches and articles. In fact, many of them are not able to confidently introduce themselves and talk about what they do.

Because they are not sure of what they should say, it appears that they are not confident about themselves, whereas in fact, they are experts at what they do. This causes them to lose out on several growth opportunities despite being more capable and knowledgeable than their peers.

In my Message Masterclass, I will teach you a simple and effective method to develop clear, compelling content you can use to promote yourself or your business. You will overcome the three barriers that prevent most people from expressing their great ideas, which are:

“I don’t know what to say.”
“I don’t know how to start.”
“I don’t know how to make my message interesting and get action.”

I will personally work with you through my time-tested five step process to develop a piece of content for your most urgent business communication need. (The most popular request that I receive is “how to introduce my business.”)

To know more or to enroll, please call +91 22 66392492, +91 8879920053 or contact us here.

Thank you for visiting the Message Masterclass page and I look forward to working with you.

Kais Rahimtulla

Kais Rahimtulla
CEO and Founder, Market Mastership.

Who is the Message Masterclass for?

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
You want to clearly define your positioning so you know how to introduce yourself and talk about your business.

Mid to Top Level Executives
You want to be better at creating marketing messages for business promotion, brief your team, prepare for a stunning presentation, write marketing content, attract new talent etc.

Coaches, Teachers and Consultants
You want to improve your marketing content to have more customers find you, like you and buy from you. Or you want to refine your class content for your students.

Class Details

Individuals – Four hours
Groups – Five Hours (maximum three participants)

1) Physical classroom (recommended) at our training studio in Nariman Point, Mumbai, or at a suitable venue arranged by you. For out of Mumbai training, travel and stay costs apply.


2) Online over video conference from anywhere in the world.

All participants also get an additional free one-hour online consultation session to help them remember and improve on the techniques they learned in the class.

Double Value
Combine Message Masterclass and Presentation Mastery.

After knowing how to prepare powerful messages, you may also wish to learn how to present them to a live audience.
Visit Presentation Mastery to captivate your audience with a powerful presentation.