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If you are struggling with your marketing that is not attracting enough customers and converting to sales, it may be that you are not effectively communicating the value of your products and services to your market.

For many businesses, the problem starts with the messages they use for their marketing which are simply not clear and compelling enough to make people take action and buy. They also don’t place their messages where potential customers are looking. Eventually, their marketing becomes a series of random actions that waste a lot of time and money but still dont achieve the desired results. (Check if your business is a victim of Randomertizing and Peersurizing.)

If you are the head or owner of a small to mid-size company, we can help you achieve your marketing goals by building a marketing communication system that is ideal for your business. Grow Your Business is our turnkey project consulting service that includes:

Defining your positioning so you know how to introduce your business.

Identifying who your ideal customers are and where to find them.

Creating a strategy defining all the elements of your marketing. For example, which platform of communication to use (traditional or digital), which markets to start with, who to place in   charge of what, is training required, etc.

Drawing up the step-by-step plan of action to communicate with your market.

Aligning your team of the plans so everyone has a clear idea of their role, responsibility, and  what’s being communicated.

Making a system of feedback and review so changes can be made quickly when required.

At the heart of your marketing is what you tell your customers, vendors, new talent or whoever else you want to attract. The information you give them must be relevant, clear and compelling for them to take the steps that will lead them to buy from you or associate with your organization.

Development of messages to attract people’s attention and interest them to know more.

Review of existing content with recommendations to modify as required.

Assistance with Marketing Implementation

If you are doing all the marketing yourself, the system we build with you will enable you to do it effectively. However, if your business does not have the time or expertise to execute and manage your own marketing, we can assist you with that.

For example, if digital marketing is part of your strategy, our team of internet experts can handle that on your behalf. Or you may need to create more content and rebuild your website. All these services can be combined into a package that will ensure you have a cost effective and productive marketing operation.

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Communication Training

It is important for every organization to ensure that their key people are good communicators. These people are constantly writing or speaking to customers, employees, media, investors and vendors. Those who communicate clearly and confidently create a good impression about the company they represent.

Win Over People: One day and project based communication mastery programs. Go here.

Talk To The Media: Media Training to build and maintain your company’s image. Go here.

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