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If you are struggling with your marketing that is not attracting enough customers and converting to sales, it may be that you are not effectively conveying the value of your products and services to your market.

If your business positioning is strong and marketing content is powerful, then it could be that your marketing system needs to be modified, or you need to build a new one.

If you are the head or owner of a small to mid-size company, we can help you achieve your marketing goals by building a system that is ideal for the size and nature of your business. Grow Your Business is our turnkey project consulting service that is offered in four modules. You can take each module independently, or combine them into a package that suits your needs and budget.


One of the most important components of building a strong marketing strategy is to first be absolutely clear about your own business identity.

How do you define your business?

What is unique about your business and what do you really want your customers to know you for?

Many growing companies who do not pay enough attention to their identity and market positioning, end up sounding vague and “general” – as if they are just another ordinary player among their competitors.

If you feel that your business is not being perceived as distinct from your competition, then you should take a closer look at how you define and position it in front of your ideal customers. This will help you clearly communicate what your business stands for and the clear benefit it will bring to your customers.

Your strategy is the overall approach you will use to achieve your business goals. For example, which markets should you target first, should you use traditional or digital platforms to communicate with your audience, what resources will be needed, do people need to be trained, etc.

We will work closely with you to first understand your business objectives, then help you define a strategy to achieve those objectives.

The strategy will be followed by the actual plan which describes all the steps that must be taken to execute the strategy.

After your detailed plan is ready, it is important to convey it to everyone who will be involved in each stage of the marketing process. This is to eliminate the trap many companies face where the people who are supposed to be involved do not really know what’s going on or what is expected of them. Therefore, a system will also be created to brief your team and monitor progress, so modifications to optimize your efforts can be made when required.

At the heart of your marketing is what you tell your customers, vendors, new talent, and all the stakeholders who you want to attract to your business. The information you give them must be relevant, clear, and compelling for them to take action that will lead them to buy from you or associate with your organization.

Develop messages and content that can attract people’s attention and interest them to know more.

Review of existing content with recommendations to modify as required. Or create fresh, relevant content.

If you are doing all the marketing yourself, the system we recommend will enable you to do your own marketing in a more smooth and efficient manner. However, if your team does not have the time or expertise to execute and manage your marketing, we can assist you with implementation of your plans.

For example, if digital marketing is part of your strategy, or you need to create more content and rebuild your website, our team of experts can handle that on your behalf.

These add-on services can be combined into a package that will ensure you have a cost effective and productive marketing operation.

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