We help professionals, small and mid-size companies attract more customers.

Customers are the lifeline of every business. You need to constantly get new ones and hold on to the ones you already have. This is not easy and is becoming more complex every day.

If you feel your marketing efforts are not giving you the results you desire, you are not alone. It happens to several businesses who want to grow to the next level. Some overcome the barriers affecting their growth, some keep struggling.

The solution to grow your business faster may be closer,
easier, and less expensive than you think. You just need to
identify the problem first. Usually, its one of these:

Your marketing strategy is not aligned to the objectives of your business so you’re often shooting in the dark, spending big money, and praying that something works. (Also known as Randomertizing and Peersurizing.)

Your communication is weak and misplaced, so it doesn’t get people’s interest and attention.

You don’t have a system to communicate with your customers consistently in
manner that leads them to buy.

Have more customers find you, like you, and buy from you.®

Grow Your Business

Consulting Projects to
help you attract more customers
and improve your profitability.

Win Over People

Communication Training Programs
to make you stand out in front of
peers and competition.

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Renu Agarwal

Renu Agarwal
CEO, EduOptions Germany.

“Market Mastership helped us improve the manner in which we reach out to students seeking to get a world class, affordable education abroad. In the first month of implementing their recommended communication strategy, we received double the queries we received in the same period last year.”

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Dr. Keyvan Shahverdi
D.C., L.Ac., Maple CAC, USA.

“I really appreciate the time they took to understand my needs. Their advice on repositioning my practice as a distinct chiropractic services provider has worked very well. I now have a better way to keep in touch with patients and build a loyal relationship with them.”

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Sudhir Dhar

Sudhir Dhar
CHRO, Motilal Oswal Financial Limited.

“When you are thoroughly prepared with what you want to convey, it is easier to hold people’s attention and call them to action. Kais Rahimtulla showed me a practical, logical road map to quickly develop engaging content you can use to give a speech or write an article for any occasion.”



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